Restaurant Grease Disposal in Fayetteville

restaurant grease disposal FayettevilleServing Cumberland and surrounding counties. Total solutions for oil collection, grease trap cleaning, line jetting and container services. Oil and grease management is an important, if not thankless, function of any responsible restaurant. Whether it be grease trap pumping, waste cooking oil collection or hood cleaning, 301 can manage your grease waste efficiently and responsibly. 301 Environmental can provide line jetting services as well as container management. We offer a one stop solution for all of your waste and disposal needs. Our services to restaurants include:

  • Grease trap waste disposal, cleaning, and pumping
  • Grease interceptor cleaning
  • Waste vegetable oil collection, disposal, and removal
  • Yellow grease collection, disposal, and removal
  • Hood cleaning
  • Line jetting
  • Commercial pressure washing
  • Used fryer oil collection, disposal, and removal


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